Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Many Kind of Animals Eyes

Animals eyes are classified vary on this world. Eyes are an organ that base on the light come different each others, there are about 32 kind on animals world, that principally different work. The most complete of eyes like a camera that can absorb of wide spectrum like on primate such as monkey and human.

Eyes model of many animals is vary, and for human all eyes is located in the fronts that sometime have a blind spot area that cannot be seen. If we lay 2 same drawing of cat or other drawing with a distance of about 15 cm, then locate in front about one arm, close one of your eyes then move that drawing close to eyes slowly, on certain distance then one of the drawing will lost.

Octopus eye is an example of better eyes structure than primate in, the blood vessel located before the light recipient. So the octopus eye design is better than the human eye!

Our eyes are an advance design because can use as camera SLR and autofocus, auto exposure (fast adapt from dark to light by opening the diaphragm). If on the insect eyes they cannot adapt vastly and fish eyes just fixed focus like plastic camera and dog eyes are color blind.

Human eyes are stereoscopic (can suspect the distance from sight), using comparison software can compare the parallax distance and this technology still don’t imitate by human equipment.

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