Thursday, November 15, 2012


Antiquity, the child who cannot read is dumb or plain stupid. Formally a child who likes to imagine is considered inconsequential. Today people increasingly clever sort out which ones stupid for not learning, or smart but can not express verbally or orally.

A symptoms of "dyslexia", the terms of the inability to read. He often "read" a book in a long time, but did not read the letter. Just a detail drawing up the working process of each actor in the picture. He read "b" to "d", the number "2" to "5" when ordered together. He also likes to get confused between left and right. He can spell all the letters, but must look at the position of the tongue, teeth and lips when I say syllables such as "ba" or "da". Meanwhile, record power over all the details of events and his knowledge is very high.

Only parents can take care a children with dyslexia be just considered as plain stupid trash. Or parents also were able to escort him into Albert Einstein (physics genius) or Tom Cruise (actor became the richest producer in Hollywood) or George W. Bush (war-hungry politicians). The three were examples of those who focus on the job despite beginning with childhood dyslexic.

Now depending on couple, will provide information as to what intake; would escort dyslexic children into geniuses who could see the earth and the sky as possible. Now up to us, the parents.

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