Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good Eyes Treatment

Eyes have an important role for everyone, besides of sight impression also affects the appearance face and overall performance. Dark circles under the eyes and the appearance of fine lines, make face look old. So it is very important if you maintain the beauty of the eyes. Eyes will also make an impression on first meeting, our eyes become heart window, eyes become of the mind opening, eyes can be a source of inspiration for the next step, and many more roles of eyes on our body. So it is not surprising that eyes need of good and right care is a priority.

Trigger factors that make the eyes are not fresh because it is often exposed to UV rays of the sun, cold and dry air, allergies to food and soap materials, lack of sleep, too long reading, watching TV, working at the computer and too long exposure to air conditioning 'torture' eyes and many other things often happen that you should know.

Baggy eyes is usually caused by body fluid drainage system. This can also because of part the skin under the eyes have excessive growth of fat so it looks a bit swollen and usually called the eye bags. To reduce eye puffiness then you can do gentle massage on the marsupial region by using the middle finger from the tip toward the edge then moving toward round. For the purposes of daily massage you can use sunscreen.

Dark circle can be of several causes. Dark circles that appear because of descent or genetic, which visible more black circle when person is getting old and decreased skin elasticity. Dark circles also can caused of when someone is not feeling well, lack of sleep, exposed to pollution, cigarette smoke, dust and stress.

This happened when the skin around the eyes exposed to pollution, smoke and dust of the blood vessels to dilate, which the body will release chemicals and distributed by blood through the blood vessels to reduce the negative impacts of pollution.

Smooth wrinkles on the facial skin can caused by dehydration of skin, early aging and biological aging. Wrinkles in the edge of premature aging caused by sunlight that is damaged the collagen, elastin and muscles face. Use a mask and a special eye cream to smooth wrinkles and make skin wrinkle do not come too fast.

Stone acne is usually around the eye because not clean your face with a cleanser appropriately. The rest of make-up not perfect be erased fill skin pores which eventually can cause acne. So, always use eye makeup remover to prevent the emergence of a stone acne and diligent eye wear special masks.

Eyes tired and haggard. For tired eyes because you are too tired to work, take a small lump of ice and rubbed in around the eyes. This will restore the smooth circulation of blood and refresh the eyes.

Red eye usually caused by air pollution. Such as motor vehicle exhaust fumes, air pollution in the streets, cigarette smoke, so they can make the eyes red even mild irritation. So you should not rubbed directly that can make the eyes red. Because your hands are not clean and the bacteria can enter to the eye make mild irritation affected. To fix this you should use eye drops to prevent eye irritation that relieve red eye complaints.

In order to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful look you should consume high doses of C vitamin to help the formation of collagen and reduce the pigmentation around his eyes and consume of A vitamin that is useful to sharpen the eye. By treating the eye then make your eyes look more healthy and beauty.

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