Friday, March 29, 2013

Cataract Disease

Cataract is an eye disease happen on the lens of the eye, the cloudiness that occur in the lens inside the eye. The lens is made mostly of water and protein arranged to the left light trough. When the protein clumps, light is blocked and lens appears cloudy. Actually cataract is not a disease and we all will develop cataracts as getting older.

A person with cataracts may notice faced colors, problems with light such as halos, or headlight that seem to bright, or poor night vision.

Doctor can detect the presence of cataracts during a thorough eye exam, including a microscopic examination of inside of the eye. When vision is impaired to a point where it interferes with daily ativities. A surgery involved and replace with intra-ocular lens implant. In modern technology now a surgical techniques most patients find their vision after surgery to be very clear at distance without use of glasses.

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