Sunday, November 3, 2013

Farsighted or hipermetropia treatment

If you have difficulties to see near thing but easier if far it mean that you myopia disease or farsighted. The causes of myopia or hipermetropia, make the thing in near is not so clear but far is clear, technically hipermetropia the light enter to the eye ball have focus point behind the retina. This condition caused by the less of ability eye muscle and eye nerve. So the cure by natural eye therapy can make totally cured. The problem of this condition is assumed as general cases so people don't want to find out the drug for this disease.

The mechanism of treatment make younger to the eye and nerve muscle by giving nutrition diet (eye dropped) and meal for inside treatment. For old people usually have difficulties to see on short range and can’t be cured, but some experience said that hipermetropia can be treated by eye drop vitamin to the eye can make younger for eye nerve and muscle.

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