Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cross Eye Problem and Treatment

You may have cross eye that cause by something not very clear, its like come from baby.  Cross eye problem make your eyeball not symetric, between right eyeball and left eyeball not in the similar position. What is the cause of this abnormal condition not very clear describe.

Your parent sometimes also don't realize that you have cross eye problem, like from this strory: When parent take a picture of their baby constantly. For some parents, there is a frightening surprise when the photographs be, they just know that their baby's eye are crossed.

Crossed eye, or strabimus, is relatively easy to correct if parents notice it and take the initiative to have the condition treted early. While it is not always obvious to parent at first, crossed eyes can show up in the early weeks after birth. If you have the baby's cross eye, don't panic, its a common for infants to occationally cross their eyes.

Actually cross eye happened of different eye muscle strength between left and right muscle. To practice this muscle eye, your baby should by practice with see to right and left alternately. Don't make your baby always see on certain position, and install the lighting just in the middle of room or about on the above of your baby, so your baby eyes will look to the top not just to right or just to the left.

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