Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blurred Vision Problem

Blurred vision, general can causes by many kind of abnormal eyes, they can have problem of one of the following causes:

Accommodation disorder refers to the eye’s ability to automatically change focus from seeing at a distance to seeing at near. Accommodation disorders have a variety of causes. The symptoms include blurred vision, double vision, eyestrain, headache, fatigue and difficulty concentrating (particularly while reading). Presbiopia is an accommodation disorder that affects everyone if they become old enough, since its causes relate to the aging of the eyes.

Albinism: the condition where a person or animal lacks pigment. Albinos eyes often have very light blue or pink irises and a pink pupil (due to lack of pigment inside the back of the eye). Visual symptoms include light sensitivity, nystagmus, blurred vision, vision loss and strabismus.

Aniridia is the absent of partially iris, typically congenital. Additional symptoms include poor vision and photophobia.

Amblyopia also called lazy eye. Undeveloped central vision in one eye that leads to the use of the other eye as the dominant eye. Stratismus is the leading cause, followed by anisometropia. There are no symptoms. The patient may be found squiting and closing one eye to see, there may be unrecognized blurred vision in one eye and vision loss.

Astigmatism, is the condition in which the cornea’s curvature is asymmetrical (the eye is shaped like football); light rays are focussed at two points on the retina rather than one, resulting in blurred vision. Additional symptoms include distorted vision, eyestrain, shadows on letters, squinting and double vision.

Cataract, this make clouding of the natural lens of the eye, usually caused by aging in conjunction with other risk factors, such as exposure to the sun’s UV rays, smoking, steroid intake and diabetes. Symptoms include blurred vision, glare, halos around lights, colors that are less bright, a cloudy spot in your vision and temporary vision improvement.

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