Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eye Color Changes

Eye color for people from Asia and Europe are different, this because the genetic of this eyes are different. If this people then married with different tribe, then the dominant eye color will change the look of eye color. Usually black color is dominated, if people married mixed tribe then their eye color change to black.

Eye color also can change because of the human age or because of certain diseases. Aging, however can change many parameter on people, not just can changed eye color but some other body organ also can be changed like hair color, skin form and many others.

The basis of human eye color, pigment cells contain brown pigment granules, as on the picture there are various intensities from neutral to light brown to very dark brown. Eyes, unlike skin and hair, don’t synthesize color pigment continuously. Instead of eyes keep pigment granules made earlier. So if the pigment degrades, the eye color lightens. Likewise eyes can darken if the number of pigment granules increase or if the granules make darker pigment.

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