Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scleritis Disease

This disease is an inflammatory disease effect by a whitened on the outer coating of the eye known as the slcrea. This diseases often a combination diseases with other diseases like webeners granulomatosis or rheumatoid arthritis or can cause by disorder of menstruation. There are three type of scleritis; difuse scleritis, nodular scleritis and necrotizing scleritis (this is the most severe).

The symptom of this diseases like redness of the sclera and conjuctiva, sometime change to a purple hue color. Become a photophobia and tearing, decrease of visual activity, possible leading of blindness, a slight loss of vision.

To detect this disease by examining the sclera tissue in daylight, retracting the lids to determine the extent of involvement. Doctor can recommend to further testing by CT scan or MRIs and ultrasonography. For special cases like necrotizing scleritis, eye surgery should be performed to repair the cornea tissue damage and preserve the patient’s vision.

Scleritis diseases can cure by oral medication containing of corticosteroid and an eye solution. Using simple eye drop medicine can’t cured this diseases. Scleritis disease can cause blindness if too late been treated. If you have symptom of this kind of disease better as soon as possible to consult the doctor about the strange on your eyes.

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