Friday, February 12, 2010

Blind Spot Experiment

Blind Spot on Left Eye and Right Eye

Your eyes work like camera lens, light ray from different ways light come to eyes then will create a picture on the back of eyes. Picture falls on a sheet of photoreceptors, specialized brain cells which are excited by light.

Photoreceptors sheet is like a film sheet located on the back of camera. Photoreceptors have hole in it, located at the optic nerve. Neurons process and collect together as bundle through photoreceptor sheet reach optic nerve, which carries information from eye to the brain. Like on the diagram there are no information from the eye about the particular part of picture of the world. Because of this condition, we have a “blind spot”, a place pretty much in the middle of what you can see where you can’t see.

If you try to look around anywhere, there are many blind spot. May be there are different blind spot for your eyes with the other. Actually your one eye has blind spot but the other eyes still look that object. To practice this phenomena you can do like the below guidance.

Close your left eye then look to the drawing below on the screen, move your body far or close to the screen and concentrate to look the plus sign on the computer screen. Try slowly move toward and back, at certain distance you will don’t see the right black spot, this is about 15 cm from your computer screen. This spot disappear because it falls on the optic nerve head, the hole in the photoreceptor sheet.

To try your left eye to see those spot, concentrate your eye to see the black spot and move your body toward or back, at certain distance you will lost the plus sign. This is mean that the plus sign is located on the blind spot position of your left eye.

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