Sunday, July 3, 2011

Common Eye Problems

How our eye work, as part of our human body, eyes can detect light and convert them into electromagnetic pulse that form an imagine on our cornea and enabling us to see.

The most problem on our eyes as follows:
Eye Twitching: eye twitching is a blinking disorder, can very irritating to the eye common problem. Eye twitching can cause by high caffeine levels, pink eye, fatigue, nervous system disorders, panic disorder, and or staring at the television or computer for an extended period of time.

Stye Eye Infection: Eye stye also called as hordeolum is an infection because of blockage in the hair follicle of an eyelash that results in a small bump on the outside or inside of the eye. Eye sties are cause by staphylococcus bacteria that infect the glands causing it to swell an may fill with pus.

Astigmatism is another common problem on an eyes, people with this problem will difficult to focus to object near or far. In most cases by squinting or titling the head seems to help improve the ability to focus. Astigmatism can be addressed with prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Cataracts: cataracts is the most common problem on eye, that make blindness in older people than fifty five years of age, refer to a condition in which the eyes lens in clouded or blurred vision. The lens on the eyes is contained a lens capsule in which dead cells accumulate over time clouding it.

Retina Detachment, this is a common eye problem that refers to a phenomenon in which it separates from the choroids. The patients that is suffering from myopia and usually caused by trauma. There are option to treat this problem by pneumatic retinopexy, cryotherapy or laser therapy.

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